Hi there!
Finally it's time for a summer break ;-) 
Work is done and soon we are going on vacation.
 I'm looking forward to spend lots of time with my family,
 enjoying some well-deserved lazy moments in the sun 
while admiring the beautiful French Atlantic blues...

See you in September, Wish you all a wonderful Summer!

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 feel free to meet me here!

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locationlove - industrial

I really like visiting and being inspired by the new
 film- and photography locations  of JJ locations London

This time I have admired this amazing industrial studio
located in Soho where I was attracted by the 
original details as the antique iron radiators and the exposed copper pipes
but also the stunning (painted white) brick walls,  concrete floors
and the amazing light!

see more of this dreamlocation here and be inspired just like me!


HOPE + Svenska Station

Handcrafted  jewelry in
 asymmetric shapes in pure wood, 
 made in collaboration with Svenska Station...
 The perfect addition of the 

The discovery in my mailbox of this new collection, 
inspired by the mix between urban cities and the deep Scandinavia wood, 
really made me smile today....

Light, space and tranquility

A stunning wall of white tiles form an effective creative 
background wall  and becomes an even more eyecatching
 inspiration spot with taped images and quotes
So beautiful and simple... 

Light, cosiness, tranquility and lot's of magazines in a dream bedroom
just the perfect place to spend rainy Wednesdaymornings 
when having a day off! 

great inspo by Livet HemmaEnjoy today :)


cottage love

Beautiful designed handmade furniture,
a dreamkitchen and stunning natural tones inside, 
Nordic lines with gray wood outside,
 lot's of fresh (sea) air and stunning views...

I don't know if it's because it's my last week at work, 
 but I'm starting this Monday with this amazing summer house (54 m2)

I was attracted by the beautiful wooden kitchen (douglas fir) 
with its large window that runs along the tabletop and shows an amazing view. 
Washing the dishes will be a lot more fun with this 
inspiring entertainement by nature I guess :) 

Wish you all a happy new week!


friday projects

At rainy greyish afternoons like today
a simple and stylish DIY project, some good music and beautiful 
accessories really make me smile... 

A little while ago (see here)  I told you about a quick and stylish decoration idea 
by creating some splashed (Easter) eggs. 
When I did some shopping this week I bought some pingpong balls and thought it
would be fun to do some splashing and ink painting again and to create some 
simple new styling accessories for my home! 

The opportunity came this afternoon, it was raining and
 at the same time it was a perfect moment to test my new night cable from
 Native union and to enjoy the latest summer hits while I was painting!
The cable was just perfect... it's 3 meters long and looks very stylish...
 I wasn't familiar with the products of Native Union but the quality and the looks are 
definately very attractive and a perfect styling partner
 to photograph todays little DIY project ;-)
The simple can be so beautiful... Wish you all a Happy Weekend!


creativity + love

An apartment bathed in light with windows in two directions, 
located in a unique factory building in industrial design from the early 1900s
filled with stunning still lifes, artwork and beautiful original details
 in natural and warm monochrome tones...

This small creative home inspired me from the very first moment that I 
saw it at Entrance and I hope this will happen to you too!